Our Values

In Summer term 2016, parents were consulted regarding their thoughts on what values they and their families believed were the most important for us to teach and to live by.

The staff looked at the results of the survey, and have come up with the twelve most popular / important values to use as our focus for each half term – see below. Thank you for your input and continued support.

Along with focusing on these values in our assembly time, we will weave these values into our daily teaching and being, including our PSHE and SMSC ( Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) teaching. British Values are linked in where appropriate too.

2018 – 2019

Autumn Term 1st half: Friendship & Patience

Autumn Term 2nd half: Peace & Thoughtfulness

Spring Term 1st half: Perseverance & Love (Kindness/Caring)

Spring Term 2nd half: Quality/Forgiveness & Respect

Summer Term 1st half: Responsibility

Summer Term 2nd half: Trust & Hope

2017 – 2018

Autumn Term 1st half: Courage (Co-operation)

Autumn Term 2nd half: Friendship & Love (Individual Liberty)

Spring Term 1st half: Understanding (& Tolerance)

Spring Term 2nd half: Trust (& Mutual Respect)

Summer Term 1st half: Co-operation (& The Rule of Law)

Summer Term 2nd half: Responsibility (& Democracy)

2016 – 2017

Autumn Term 1st half: Appreciation (Thankfulness & Liberty)

Autumn Term 2nd half: Thoughtfulness (Compassion & Mutual Respect)

Spring Term 1st half: Friendship (Love)

Spring Term 2nd half: Forgiveness (& The Rule of Law)

Summer Term 1st half: Respect (& Tolerance)

Summer Term 2nd half: Honesty (Truthfulness & The Rule of Law)


Our Vision

  • “Our school will provide a happy, healthy, secure and stimulating learning environment where all are inspired to achieve their very best.
  • Teaching and learning should be fun and nurture a life long journey of discovery.
  • Our school and pre-school will actively promote Christian Values through our relationships with pupils, parents, colleagues and the wider community.”

Our Aims Pupils

  • To provide a challenging, yet supportive environment to stimulate, maintain and develop a lively enquiring mind.
  • To encourage all pupils to reach their true potential and eventually become independent learners who value learning with and from others, i.e. have a positive attitude to life-long learning.
  • To develop in pupils a sense of moral values which can form a framework for a sense of their own worth, and relationships with others, so that students become responsible members of society.
  • To develop in pupils a positive attitude and strong sense of respect towards themselves, others and the environment.
  • To develop an understanding, empathy and tolerance of other faiths and cultures.


  • To offer a broad based, exciting curriculum which facilitates the acquisition of knowledge, promotes enjoyment in learning, and provides skills to equip students for work and leisure, as active, confident and responsible members of a rapidly developing society.


  • To develop a school community which affords equal value to all its members, is seen to be just and encourages mutual respect, concern for others and truthfulness.
  • To foster close relationships between the school, the pupils’ homes and the local community
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